Mexico – February, 2013

So recently (in a manner of speaking), my family was able to take a trip south, fleeing from the Winter That Will Not Die, right around what turned out to be pretty much the half-way point (although at the time we thought it was surely almost over – how young we were then…).

We stayed at the Occidental Grand Excaret, a short drive from Playa Del Carmen. Although travelling with youngsters is a fair bit more limiting than doing solo or couple outings, we were still able to soak up the tropical air, warmth, sunshine and some incredible sights – new, old, man-made and natural.

Here’s a selection.



A cloudy sunrise overlooking the resort’s main beach and oceanview restaurant


Waiting for breakfast


A Mayan ruin in the middle of our resort


The rocky coastline made for some great wave breaks
A (recreated) Mayan village in the huge and incredible Excaret Park, next to the resort
A rider rehearses before a show at Excaret Park
One of several men whose job at Excaret was to dangle by their feet from a tall pole. While spinning in huge circles.


A waterfall at the entrance to Excaret
One of the buildings at the ruin complex at Tulum, a short drive from our resort.

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