Mickayla – May 11

The weekend didn’t look promising – cool, cloudy and rainy for almost all of Friday and some of Saturday morning – but by Saturday afternoon the rain had stopped and the sun even made a brief appearance, making for an ideal afternoon of shooting.

Mickayla was the winner of my free portrait session draw at Showcase 2013 back in April, and the Catwalk in Petawawa was a perfect spot for some photos. I had a blast, and hopefully so did Mickayla (and her mom, who let me get some shots of the two of them together).

Mickayla Park-5 Mickayla Park-8 Mickayla Park-11 Mickayla Park-2Mickayla Park-15Mickayla Park-18 Mickayla Park-23 Mickayla Park-29 Mickayla Park-30 Mickayla Park-26b

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