Project 52, week 6 – “A Job”

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This week’s /r/picturechallenge theme was simply “a job”. From the start, I was thinking along the street photography line for this challenge. Unfortunately, I live out in the country now, surrounded by no people. I’m also staying home with my youngest son right now, which puts me squarely in the house or yard most of the time, and when I am out and about, I’m usually trying to make sure a three-year-old doesn’t run off/into traffic, which doesn’t make for a lot of freedom to take some photos.

Luckily I knew I was going to be in Ottawa on the weekend, so I figured it would be a good time. Prefering to stay a little more mobile (and also because I knew I would have to leave it unattended in the car for a few hours in freezing weather) I left my main camera at home and opted instead to put my faith in the 8MP camera in my Galaxy sIII.

Despite the chill, there were plenty of people on the street, thanks largely to the Winterlude¬†festivities, and a surprising number of jobs on display, albeit of the slightly less conventional sense – street artists, snow sculptors, winter ‘farmers’ market’ vendors, etc. Amid all the hustle, there was one older guy that caught my eye.

Warming up


Not a job you might find at a career fair, and certainly not what most people expect if they do think of “guitarist” as their future source of income, but I defy anyone to explain to me how a guy who’s spent years training and studying, and who spends all day in -15 weather on his feet still managing to use his fingers with impressive dexterity isn’t working.

I like this scene.

Technical Details (such as they are):

Gear: Samsung Galaxy sIII

The Shot: Pointed and shot, then converted to black and white in Photoshop

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