Caleb & Yae-Ji | May 5, 2012

This wedding was special. Not only did I get to photograph one of my best friends getting married, but it was also a homecoming of sorts, with me getting to go back to South Korea for the first time since moving back to Canada, nearly 5 years ago.

The wedding was beautiful – a mix of Canadian and Korean customs, as is fitting – and the party surrounding it was a huge amount of fun. What a trip, what a couple and what a day.

Caleb and Yea-Ji-3
Caleb and Yea-Ji-5
Caleb and Yea-Ji-7
Caleb and Yea-Ji-34
Caleb and Yea-Ji-30 Caleb and Yea-Ji-48 Caleb and Yea-Ji-49 Caleb and Yea-Ji-57

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